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FID: Gas Analyzer for THC

FID: Gas Analyzer for THC
Flame Ionization Detector FID for THC
Compact device for THC measurement for EURO 7


Flame Ionization Detector FID for THC


compact device for THC measurement for EURO 7

All in one

integrated heated sampling system inlet pressure insensible self-priming pump

Plug and Play

quick setup, simple operation

Flexible usage

A5064: automotive, integrated in sampling system, heated A5039: stand alone, display, for ambient air monitoring (MAC) A5092: low detection limit for SHED A5006: portable, unheated for chemical industries A5022: stand alone, mobile, heated Standard interfaces: LAN (AK), CAN (dbc)


Long term stable and linear

Features / description A5064 automotive

  • compact solution for measuring THC (total hydrocarbon)
  • monitoring of chemical production processes
  • quality control of final products
  • monitoring of environmentally relevant pollutants in the air
  • monitoring of the MAC values (maximum allowable concentration)

Technical data

  • measuring range 0..10.000 ppm C1 / C3, other ranges on demand, smallest measuring range: 0..10 ppm C1 (CH4)
  • inlet pressure sample gas -50..500 mbar rel., special edition: -200..500 mbar rel.
  • sample pressure 200 mbar
  • sample flow 1 nl/min (± 0,2 nl/min)
  • drift < 1 % of range per 24 hours
  • linearity ≤ 1% at measuring point at 50..100% of range ≤ 2% at measuring point at 15..50% of range ≤ 3‰ of range up to 15% of range
  • lower detection limit ± 1% of range
  • T90-time < 1 sec.
  • repeatability ± 1% of range
  • O2-cross-sensitivity ± 2% of 0..21 Vol.-% O2 at He/H2-devices
  • adjustment via sample gas circuit or check gas circuit
  • check gas zero gas and check gas inlets for automatic adjustment inlet pressure 1,5..2,5 bar
  • burner gas standard: helium/hydrogen (60%/40%): 80 ml/min special edition: hydrogen 10 ml/min with pureness 5.0
  • burner air 200 ml/min (synthetic air or conditioned pressure air)
  • heated oven 190 °C
  • electronic pressure regulation with 1000 Hz
  • constant tempered housing interior, tempered measuring amplifier
  • interfaces AK (LAN), CAN (Service, Lemo LM4)
  • operating temperature +10..+40 °C
  • power supply 115 / 230 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  • dimensions A5064: W 241 x D 400 x H 178 mm, weight 12 kg A5039: W 483 x D 400 x H 178 mm, weight 15 kg A5039 chemical industries (MAC) A5092 automotive (SHED) A5006 portable, ambient

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