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LGD: Gas Analyzer for Ammonia/NH3

LGD: Gas Analyzer for Ammonia/NH3
Tunable Laser Diode Spectroscopy TDLS
Laser Gas Detector LGD


Tunable Laser Diode Spectroscopy TDLS Laser Gas Detector LGD


compact device for NH3 measurement for EURO 7

All in one

integrated heated sampling system

Plug and Play

quick setup, simple operation


automatic quality checks according EU7 with automatic generated protocol NH3 loss detection, T90, Hang-up, ANR…

Flexible usage

stationary (Test bed) and mobile (PEMS) Standard interfaces: LAN (AK), CAN (dbc)


Low Hang-up-effects

Features / description

  • compact solution for ammonia measuring with filter and pump for EU7
  • stand alone operation or integration in automation system (LAN/AK or CAN/dbc)
  • measuring component ammonia gas with customized ranges up to 3000 ppm
  • continuous heated sampling system up to 190 °C
  • heated filtration with glass fiber surface
  • all parts with contact to the sample gas are made of passivated stainless steel, PFA and FPM to reduce hang-up and surface effects
  • integrated zero gas and span gas switching module for automatic adjustment
  • purge of gas cell with N2 or ambient air at standby, flow <0.5 l/min
  • comprehensive quality checks in touch with XCU (External Check Unit) with automatic protocol (pdf): · accuracy, noise, repeatability (ANR) · NH3 Loss Detection · drift · leakage · response time · linearity
  • integrated temperature controller for internal oven and one or two heated lines (24 V)
  • cross-sensitivity to H2O included, no other cross-sensitivities
  • measured values long-term stable
  • manifold applications: test bench (230 VAC), mobile operation on the street (24 VDC)
  • combinable with existing PEMS
  • T20 OLED Display with touch key integrated


  • A5235: with self-priming membrane pump, no compressed air necessary, flow range 2..3 l/min
  • A5269: with additional integrated pressure regulator (6764-00847) for high inlet pressure up to 3 bar, pressure autonomous measuring inlet
  • A5291: with ejector pump for quick repsonse time, flow up to 8 l/min, pressure air necessary LGD gas analyzer for ammonia NH3 – FeaturesVersion 2023-05 · Subject to modifications www.amium.at amium

Technical data

  • measure component NH3 / H2O
  • sampling rate 1 Hz or special edition 10 Hz
  • lower detection limit 0.5 ppm, corresponding to EURO 7
  • cross-sensitivity <2 % at measuring point to H2O, no other cross-sensitivities
  • accuracy NH3 <2 % rel. deviation at measuring point
  • lower detection limit 0.5 ppm, corresponding to EURO 7
  • repeatability <0.35 % at measuring point
  • drift <1,5 % of range per 24 hours (range 100 ppm or higher)
  • linearity <2 % at measuring point
  • response time T90 1..2 sec dependent on flow
  • volume measure cell 15 ml (1 Hz @ 0,9 l/min)
  • laser path length 400 mm
  • interfaces LAN (AK) and CAN (dbc, INCA, CANalyzer, Vector)
  • internal valve switching for test gas and zero gas with Quick Connect plugs
  • quality checks in touch with XCU (External Check Unit)
  • T20 OLED Display with touch key integrated
  • power supply 22..28 VDC or 115 / 230 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, uninterruptible change between DC and AC
  • power consumption typical 120 VA, max. 300 VA while heat-up
  • compact dimensions W 241 (half 19") x D 400 x H 178 mm (4 RU), weight 8.4 kg


  • XCU External Check Unit for quality checks
  • qbook software for visualization, control and quality checks
  • XERO software for visualization and control
  • VEX:gui display with control buttons and graphic
  • analog out for measuring values
  • MGL heated sample tube, 24 V, PFA, length 1 m / 1,5 m / 2 m
  • special passivated NH3 sample probe

Service, maintenance and repair of LGD and other Amium devices

  • directly from the manufacturer Amium
  • service done by qualified service technicians and engineers from Amium
  • fast troubleshooting and support from the product developers and programmers

Key aspect of Amium service

  • free of charge telephone support during normal business hours
  • free of charge online remote access
    • fast error diagnosis and if possible troubleshooting
  • software support and updates
    • short response times from our headquarter in Walchsee, Austria and from the branch office in Besigheim, Germany
    • fault diagnosis
    • repairs
    • fast device replacement to minimize downtimes
  • frequently service presence on site
    • highly motivated and flexible team
    • planned maintenance by qualified employees
    • short-term repairs and troubleshooting with quick response time
  • resident service
    • if needed resident service on site
    • flexibly or daily, depending on requirements
  • maintenance contracts and framework agreements
    • definition of maintenance scopes
    • defined maintenance plans for regular maintenance
    • prices and conditions for work and spare parts could be defined in framework agreements for easy commissioning

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